Making of Healing Dakota.

It took three (3) years to film and complete the movie. We spent 2.5 years just for the filming part of the movie, six (6) months in post-production.

The final movie you see is actually the 3rd version of the movie, the original movie was documenting what was C-PTSD.

Our number one priority for each shoot day was to ensure Dakota was happy and in a good mood, we always put his health above anything else. If Dakota did not feel like working that day, we canceled the shoot for another day.

Healing Dakota was filmed throughout the US.

All the K9s in the film were treated to extra snacks throughout filming with plenty of belly rubs.

Dakota had many Puppachino's from Starbucks throughout filming.

Many of the beach scenes were shot, first thing in the morning during the winter(s), it was cold.

We had incredible support during the filming of this movie. People would stop and talk with us during filming to ask what the movie was about.

There were many funny moments throughout the filming of Healing Dakota, you will be able to find a few of them in the movie. See if you can pick them out!

Fun Facts

  • We used over 50 bags of Dog Treats to make this film.
  • We often started early in the morning.
  • Dakota was treated to steak tips and real salmon after shoot days.
  • Most of the time the crew ate Taco Bell and Pizza (We did not have the budget for expensive restaurants).
  • The love you feel from the movie was felt throughout the crew. It was magical and an honor to make this film.